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How My Deepest Pain Awakened Me To Divine Truth

Is it possible to rise up after betrayal, lies and deception?

My life fell apart after I discovered my husband's affair back in 2010. I was devastated beyond words. The pain was physical, my whole body ached, I lost 20lbs in one month, was constantly filled with nausea and couldn't sleep. I lost everything. My home, soulmate and love of my life and I had no income. My children were 5 and 8 and I had no idea how I was going to survive.

If you're feeling grief and sadness then read on

My divorce became my most liberating life experience

I couldn't see this at the time because I was in so much pain. My first divorce happened when I was 32 with no kids, and it was my choice. I couldn't believe I was going through another divorce! "What's wrong with me" and "Why's this happening to me?" were my predominant thoughts. I couldn't eat, sleep or focus. I was doing my best to put a "brave face on' for my kids, hoping and praying my husband would come home. The stress was impossible. I cried myself to sleep every night and would wake up in a state of fear. Fear of the unknown, of what our future would be like, and a family life that I couldn't even imagine.

I knew I had to use the pain for my healing but I didn't know how.

I went on a deep journey of self-discovery and transformation

I learned how to be with my emotions and uncover the messages they were awakening in me. I discovered how to use my anger, jealousy and sadness rather than let them "use me". I understood how my childhood fear of abandonment made me pick "attachments" that 'mimicked' safety. I also learned how to connect deeply to my needs, instead of constantly try to please others and put myself last. And most importantly, I learned to love myself completely.

I want to teach you to do the same

Despite what you might read, you can't just "move on" or "let go" without doing the inner work. When you learn to consciously process your grief and painful emotions, you get to heal deeply and go on to be authentically you. Empowered and Free.

  • Emotional Wellbeing

    Difficult emotions, anger, sadness, jealousy can get the better of us. Learning to identify and soothe thoughts and feelings which disempower you is an absolute must (and skill you can learn).

  • Accepting & Releasing

    Divorce is 85% emotional and 15% logistical. Psychologically divorce insults our ego, it attacks us at our very core and it’s very easy to be emotionally driven and in ‘reaction mode’. I teach my clients how to detach from their ‘ego story’ and to use ‘responsible self-reflection’ to find acceptance, embody emotions and release. This helps you to reclaim your power.

  • Clarity of Mind & New Skills

    Stress affects our decision making. This course will help you to gain clarity and confidence in what you want.. Learning to set healthy boundaries and to communicate effectively for co-parenting and divorce negotiations will reduce anxiety, and help the divorce process .

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Four Week Process

    • What Happens In The Divorce Detox?

  • 2

    Welcome & Getting Started

    • Welcome To The Divorce Detox

    • How to Get The Most of of This Program

  • 3


    • THE CALM technique (Calm Program)

    • The Calm Program Body Tap For Releasing Stress

    • The Calm Program Body Shake For Transforming Emotions and Stress

    • Grounding Exercise

  • 4

    Module 1: Pre-Detox Phase

    • Getting Back To Basics With Our Pre-Detox Prep

  • 5

    Lesson 1 - Detoxing Your Divorce Story

    • Detoxing Your Divorce Story - M1L1 part 1

    • The Big Love Lie - M1 L1 Part 2

    • The Divorce Detox Module 1 Lesson 1Exercises

    • The Sick'n' Tired Exercise

  • 6

    Lesson 2 - You Are A Powerful Creator

    • The Way We Think

    • Our Emotions Are Like A Vegas Slot Machine

    • The Divorce Detox Module 1 Lesson 2 Exercises

    • Reframing Conflict So It Supports You

  • 7

    Lesson 3 - The Second Big Love Lie

    • The Second Big Love Lie

    • The Divorce Detox Module 1 Lesson 3 Exercises

    • Incomplete & Complete Meditation Exercise

    • Emotional Tension & Energy Drains

    • How to Resolve Stress & Emotional Tension

    • Emotional Check In Meditation Exercise

    • Heart Shift Meditation Exercise

  • 8

    Module 2: Detox Phase

    • Week 2: Introduction

  • 9

    Lesson 4

    • The Inner Cleanse - Lesson 4

    • Inner Cleanse Exercise -Part 1 & 2

    • Inner Cleanse Exercise - Sample Story Demonstration

    • Inner Cleanse - Sample Story

    • Inner Cleanse Exercise Part 3

    • Inner Cleanse Exercise - Part 4


    • Bonus Content: TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS

    • Toxic Relationships - AUDIO ONLY

  • 10

    Lesson 5 - Re-dressing The Balance

    • Re-dressing the Balance - Part 1

    • Divorce Detox Lesson 5

    • Completeness Meditation

    • Making Amends Coaching Practice - Listen to this audio prior to doing the coaching exercise

    • Making Amends Coaching Exercise (New Practice)

  • 11

    Lesson 6 - Relationship Completion

    • Letting Go

    • The Importance Of Completion

    • Divorce Detox Lesson 6

    • The Completion Exercise Meditation

  • 12

    Module 3: Balance Phase

    • Welcome to Module 3 - Inner Balance

  • 13

    Lesson 7 - The Ultimate Tonics of Self-Love

    • Refuelling Mind, Body & Spirit

    • Divorce Detox Lesson 7 Exercises

    • Heart Mediation Lesson 7 Part 1

    • Creating Life From The Inside Out

    • Emotional Transformation Meditation

    • Emotional Transformation Exercise

  • 14

    Lesson 8 - Healthy Relationships Start With ?

    • Skills for Happy Healthy Relationships

    • Developing Healthy Relationships - Lesson 8 Exercise

    • How To Communicate With An Angry or Abusive Person

    • Happiness As a Love Tonic

    • Forgiveness As A Love Tonic

    • Forgiveness Meditation

  • 15

    Lesson 9 - The Detox Pitstop

    • Moving Forward With Heart

    • Setting Up A Powerful Support System

    • Setting Up A Support System

    • Emotional Check In - Lesson 9

    • Emotional Check In Meditation

    • BONUS EXERCISE : Forgiveness Additional

  • 16

    Module 4: Love Re-Imagined

    • Welcome to Module 4 - Love Re-Imagined

  • 17

    Lesson 10 - A Vision For Love & Life That Ignites You

    • Love Reimagined - Identity Shift

    • Identity Shift - Lesson 10 Part 1

    • Love Re-Imagined Vision (Lesson 10 part2)

    • Love Re-Imagined PDF

    • Love Re-Imagined Meditiation


  • 18

    Lesson 11 - Reclaim Your Mojo

    • Upsets/Setbacks & Disappointments

    • Upsets/Setbacks & Disappointments

    • Meditation: Upsets/Setbacks & Disappointments Exercise

    • Building Emotional Confidence M4 Lesson 11

  • 19

    Lesson 12 - Maintaining Your Detox Flow

    • Creating Your Delicious Life

This program is valid for 12 months. We have a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days, if you don't see the value, we will refund your payment.