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About This Membership

Transform Your Relationship With Yourself & Life - Are you ready to break free from your story? To step into your power and own your radiance? Nourish your soul, nurture your heart and live a life you truly love?

  • Monthly Themes and Group Coaching Sessions

  • Weekly Intentions & Journal Prompts

  • Meditations to heal, empower & embody transformation

  • Interviews With Experts

  • Quarterly Energy Readings

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Priority Access & Discount to Virtual Events

Course curriculum

It's Your Time To Rise Up Into Your Most Radiant Self

  • 1


  • 2

    Becoming The One - June 2021

    • Becoming The One

    • Becoming The One Workbook

    • Becoming The One - Audio Only

  • 3

    Shadow Work - May 2021

    • Workbook

    • Audio Only Shadow

    • Shadow Work - Training

  • 4

    The Maturation Process - April 2021

    • The Maturation Process - April

    • Workbook - The Maturation Process

    • Audio Only - The Maturation Process

  • 5

    Healthy Boundaries - March 2021

    • Healthy Boundaries

    • Workbook - Healthy Boundaries

  • 6

    Money Wellness - February 2021

    • Where to start this month

    • February - Magnetic Money With Maxine

    • AUDIO ONLY - February Magnetic Money With Maxine

    • February Magnetic Money PDF

    • Slidedeck for February Session

    • Magnetic Money With Denise Mortimer - Rapid Transformation Coach

    • Denise Mortimer - RTT Money Quiz

    • Spiritual Mind Treatment - Affirmative Money Prayer

    • Tosha Silver - Money Prayer

    • Tosha Silver - Money Prayer

    • Group Coaching Replay

  • 7

    Completion - January 2021

  • 8

    Emotional Freedom - December 2020

    • Emotional Freedom Training

    • Emotional Freedom Audio ONLY


  • 9


    • April Coaching Replay

    • March 2021 - Group Coaching REPLAY

    • February 2021 - Magnetic Money Group Coaching Audio Only

    • January 2021 Group Coaching - Audio Only

    • DECEMBER 2020 - Emotional Freedom

    • May 2021 - Group Coaching Replay - Audio Only

  • 10

    Divorce Wellness

    • Let Go Of Divorce Grief & Reclaim Your Happiness

  • 11

    Energy, Intuition & Manifesting

    • Content to Be Revealed

  • 12

    My Body Is My Temple

    • Body Positive


  • What are the costs?

    Monthly membership @ £40

  • How long is my membership

    Membership is for as long as you want. Subscription fees are taken monthly.

  • Who is this membership for?

    It's for any woman who wants to access her power and have mastery in her relationships, body and life. If you are looking to expand your intuitive wisdom, to listen to your inner guidance and have a direct relationship with your spirit , soul and heart. This membership will provide tools to help you expand your awareness, grow yourself emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

  • What are the monthly themes?

    We start with the foundations, Emotional Freedom, Shadow work, How to Heal and move on to relationships, love life, wellness, energy work and various topics. (these will evolve with the group). I will be adding content all the time in alignment with group needs and requirements.

  • How long are the group coaching sessions

    Group coaching is for 90 minutes, once a month. All sessions are recorded and you can submit questions prior to the session.

  • Who are the Experts?

    I will be bringing in experts in the field of personal development, in topics such as:- Energy Alignment, Manifestation, Law of Attraction, Relationships, Narcissistic Abuse, Money Mindset, Female Entrepreneurship, Rapid Transformation Therapy and more

  • What if I want to cancel?

    You can cancel anytime. You would just complete the month you have paid for. (If you purchase the yearly founder subscription this is not refundable).

Pricing options

Founder Membership Closes 22nd November or when first ten expire (whichever is sooner)